Saturday/ if you like your coffee rare

Starbucks offers ‘Reserve’ coffees – coffee limited to a particular location’s harvest.  I like good coffee, but if I were to go for these ‘Reserve’ coffees it would be more the romantic appeal of the exotic location than the flavor and ‘notes’ of the coffee that would motivate me.  And better be prepared to pay up to 3 or 4 times the going rate for Starbucks house coffee.  Sip it slo-o-owly and do not knock over that cup!

IMG_7781 sm
Starbucks uses these printed cards in their stores to advertise their ‘Reserve’ coffees. I love the colors and the patterns on the cards – but I’m not springing for the coffee itself.
And here’s a map of the Mt Oku and Sidamo province locations where the coffee comes from. (There is actually a Mt Oku-hotaka in Japan as well, 3rd highest peak there).


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