Friday/ what polyhedron is that?

Star-polyhedron light fixtures in Munich airport.

These cool polyhedron light-fixtures were in Munich airport as I made my way to the gate, on Tuesday.  Very nice, I thought – and I wondered if they have a mathematical name.   It took a little bit of research, but it looks to me that the core is a rhombi-cuboctahedron (an Archimedean solid with 8 triangular and 18 square faces).  And then when you add the pointy star extensions onto the faces, it becomes a great stellated rhombi-cuboctahedron.  Yes!  (Admittedly all the extensions are not the same length, but hey, close enough).

[From Mathematics 1001 by Dr. Richard Elwes]  1. The rhombi-cuboctahedron is at the top right. 2. The ‘truncated icosahedron’ in the bottom middle found its fame as the ubiquitous soccer ball.

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