Monday/ BMW World and Olympic Stadion

Here are today’s highlights.  I did get to see some modern architecture !  I am pondering if I should go out at all tonight – to brave the Germans ringing in 2013 in the streets – but I probably will.   I leave for the States and for Seattle in the morning.

I felt I had to stop at Odeonsplatz to take a day-time picture of Field Commander Hall, and here it is.
The Theatine Church right next to it also looks a lot sharper in day time.
This is the Olympic Tower as seen from across the man-made Olympic lake in front of the Olympic Stadium and the Tower.
1972 Olympic Stadium had a unique construction and form for its time, one that has been used for many other structures since. The inside areas of the Stadium are not open, for the most part. Also, the fence stopped me from getting closer for this view.
‘Dach Lawinen’ (roof avalanches), said one warning sign that I saw. But there is no snow on the roof at this time, so no problem there.


Here is the ‘tornado’ building of BMW Welt (BMW World)’s showroom and shrine to the Ultimate Driving Machine. It opened in 2007.
I have now walked around the the front of the building. It was closed for the New Years weekend .. but BMW did put out some crumbs (bottom right) for the clamoring BMW Motor Machine fans that would otherwise have nothing at all to look at.
These shiny buildings belong to BMW as well. The bowl is BMW Museum and the towers are BMW’s world headquarter offices.
More mundane (square) offices and working area in the BMW World complex.
I am now heading back on U3 to Marianplatz. This is the inside of the station.
IMG_7691 sm
This is Munich Freiheit station also on the U3 route. The pillars are blue, but the blue is enhanced by LEDs shining from above. My camera actually added the pink.
Aww.. is this the way to treat a little Mini ? (Well, it’s actually a real, full-size Mini ! ). Giant mural display ad in the BMW World complex.
This is also in Munich Freiheit station, my reflection in the polished ceiling panels.
The Galeria Kaufhaus homeware display sported this WMF brand egg holder for ardent FC Bayern fans (Munich based soccer club). Check out the little hammer for breaking the egg shell !


One more view of the Olympic Stadium, this space is called ‘Olympic Hall’.

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