Tuesday/ layover in Frankfurt

I came in at 7.30 am this morning and my flight out to Johannesburg is only at 10 pm. – so I checked into the Airport Sheraton for a day room.  It was not cheap (€150), but completely worth it.   As for my connection in Toronto –  I had to hustle to make it since I had to go through customs and come back in through security (not clear to me why, maybe because I planned to switch airlines in Frankfurt).  Here are pictures from Toronto and from Frankfurt, unfortunately all from indoors, but hey – best to stay inside since it’s pretty chilly outside in both these cities, this time of year.

The colored rings inside this giant skylight at Toronto’s Pearson International airport are mesmerizing.
Lots of turquoise Air Canada planes with the maple leaf on the tail. I arrived in an Embraer jet from Seattle, and we took a Boeing 777 across the Atlantic to Frankfurt.
This giant indoor artwork is at the boarding gate in E terminal in Toronto. Seattle has similar piece but as outdoor art, in Olympic Sculpture Park in downtown Seattle.
This is 7.30 am in the morning in Frankfurt. The airport is on my left and I am walking across the skybridge to the Airport Sheraton to catch forty winks (quite a bit more than forty winks, actually).  There is still snow on the ground from Monday, but it’s all clear for tonight, so there should not be any delays.
Hansel and Gretel (or the witch’s) gingerbread house in the lobby of the Sheraton.
This is early Tue evening and I am back in the terminal for the flight out to Johannesburg at Tue night at 10 pm.
I like these sharply dressed ‘birds’ on a billboard inside the airport .. even though it was not clear to me what they were advertising!
This is at the entrance of Z terminal where we will take off from. Looks the the theme for the decorations is ‘World Fairs’, since there a Shanghai Pearl Tower (2010), a Seattle Space Needle (1962) and the ‘Atomium’ from Brussels (1958).  Oh, and the Eiffel Tower which was the entrance arch to the 1889 World Fair in Paris.


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