Sunday/ destination Cape Town

I am taking off for Frankfurt Monday morning for a Tuesday morning arrival there local time.  Then on Tuesday night I will continue south to Cape Town via Johannesburg.  Yes, it’s a lot of stops! but I managed to get a business class seat on most of the segments, courtesy of United Airlines miles. (Will I ever get myself to fly coach again all the way on these long international routes? I hope so).  The other thing to do to prepare these days is to load the smartphone apps for the airlines you will fly on, and even the airports you will visit, onto your phone before you leave. That way you have the updated flight information and airport information handy for the whole trip.  So for me it’s Air Canada to Toronto and Frankfurt, then Lufthansa to Johannesburg, and South African Airways to Cape Town.

Here are the gory details of the trip stops and flight times. I am breaking it in two with a little layover in Frankfurt, just enough to catch some sleep in a day hotel, and then I will continue to Cape Town.
A map of a new airport’s layout is always handy. I have connected through Frankfurt airport before, but I don’t have a photographic memory !
It’s winter time, and so there is always the possibility of snow to delay one’s departure and time. Frankfurt does not have snow in its forecast for the next few days, fortunately.


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