Thursday/ Union Station, Ogden

I am at Salt Lake City airport waiting for my late night flight back to Seattle.  I saw this eye-catching ‘Union Station’ neon sign close to our hotel in Ogden on Tuesday night.  The station is now a museum with restaurants.  I had time to stop by tonight on the way to the airport to take a few pictures, and here they are.

Originally constructed in 1889 as part of a railroad depot, this building burnt down in 1924. This Union Station building was completed in its place – the architecture is Spanish Colonial Revival style.
On the left is the Union Pacific Steam Locomotive #833 (The ‘Speedy Locomotive with Elephant Ears’), the Union Pacific DDA40X locomotive #6916 ‘The Centennial Locomotive’ .. and I lost the information for the one on the right.
A side view of the locomotive with the ‘elephant ears’. Built in 1939, it was retired in 1957. Its top speed was 110 mph (177 kph). Steam-powered with a boiler pressure of 300 psi, it put out an estimated horsepower of 4100.
This is a Union Pacific Super Turbine Locomotive (#26). It is among the largest locomotives ever built. It’s strong enough to pull 735 fully loaded freight cars. That’s a train seven miles long! This machine was built in 1961 and had a top speed of 65 mph. There is only one more like it on display, Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Illinois.


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