Sunday/ ‘the plot to destroy America’s beer’

I helped Anheuser-Busch put their SAP system in (this started in 1995).  A major article about the company and its beer just appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek.   Taken over by InBev in 2008, the A-B company, its iconic Budweiser beer and its packaging have been targeted with cost cutting by 52-year old Brazilian-born CEO Carlos Brito.  As far as investors are concerned Brito has done extremely well.  For beer-drinkers and traditionalists, it’s a different story. No more Hallentauer Mittelfrüh hops from Germany for Budweiser, no more whole grain rice (broken rice will do), and out of business goes one of its two beech wood chip suppliers in Tennessee.  Check out this cool ’99 Beer Facts’ chart from the Bloomberg Businessweek’s on-line issue.

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