Saturday/ 10-9-8.. Windows 8

Check out the commercial (I like it) that runs here on TV for Windows 8, officially released on Friday- .  The Microsoft entry into the tablet market is called the Surface (go ‘Wikipedia Surface’ to check it out), and is now on sale as well. The Surface gets Windows 8, as do Windows smart phones and all new Windows computers.  I wouldn’t spring for the Surface since I already have an iPad, but I would like to have Windows 8 for a new desktop computer or notebook computer.  It has been three years in the making : development on it started even before Windows 7 was released in 2009. Which makes one wonder what those legions of Microsoft programmers are working on today?

The entrance to the Microsoft store in University Village in Seattle.
Inside the store there was a buzz and a lot of people trying out the new Surface tablets. Not a lot of people waiting in line to buy it, though. Only a handful in line at this store on Saturday; there was a much longer line on Friday when it was released. Rumor has it that Micorsoft ordered between 3 million and 5 million Surfaces.
I was just thinking : this Sony Viao machine is not going to cut it for Windows 8’s touchscreen. The hinge is just not sturdy enough. So as you poke (touch) the screen, it bounces backwards. Annoying and NOT good. And sure enough, right then I see this article, saying exactly that : some hardware vendors will have to redesign the hinges for touchscreen computers. (If your computer does NOT have a touchscreen, Windows 8 will still work. You just have to use the mouse).
That’s me in the reflection, and that cable car and mountain is .. Cape Town, South Africa! (It was on there, I didn’t put it on). The pane above it is for Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, and there are panes for firing up Excel, Word and Powerpoint as well.
The map shows where I am, in the University district : ).
The msn web page looks modern, also with a layout with panes. (And an inevitable advertisement – for Netflix).
The desktop mode or screen with Windows Explorer looks similar to the Windows 7, but there are differences.


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