Wednesday/ what would you build here?

That is the question that Skanska* asks on this billboard in South Lake Union that made me stop and take a look at it.  You can also express your urban planning ideas on a website they have set up. (I’m still mulling over my ideas).  Amazon’s offices are just a block or two away.

*Skanska is a Swedish design-and-build construction and engineering company that is also doing some roadwork for Seattle’s Alaskan Viaduct replacement project.

Here’s the billboard. A good thing that there has been almost no rain in Seattle the last two months, or some brilliant ideas might have been washed away ..
A peek-a-boo view of the Space Needle through a new building on Terry Ave close by – where many Amazon employees work by day (and by night?).
Here is Skanska’s web site at The most popular suggestions so far are for : a college-themed pub-and-grub place, a jazz cafe and bar, and a local Elysian Brew House Pub.
This urban design analysis is also from the 400Fairview web site.  Hey, I don’t know too much about urban planning and the ‘urban corridors’ in Seattle but it’s good to know that the bigger picture is taken into account as well.



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