Monday Night Football Furore

It’s the Green Bay Packers 12, Seattle Seahawks 7. It’s the final play in the 4th quarter.  Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson pass deep left to Golden Tate (blue #81 shirt) for 24 yards.  It is ruled as a TOUCHDOWN (check out the animated picture from SB Nation).  The replay assistant challenged the pass completion ruling, but the play was — upheld. Place kicker Hauschka adds a point.  Seattle wins 14-12.  There’s more : the regular NFL referees are still ‘locked out’ due to a contract dispute, so the replacement refs had to do the best they can.  Today (Tuesday) the NFL admits an error was made but upheld the outcome of the game.  Even President Obama weighed in on Twitter (see below).  So we will see if the contract dispute with the referees get resolved soon.  My view : the NFL is awash in cash.  What is so hard about it?

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