Friday/ Korea in New York

Our training is complete, three-hour exam and all (three essay type questions, and what a shock to write an exam in long-hand pen on paper!).  Here are some pictures from my Friday night walk-about.

This is an old entrance (still used) for Macy’s flagship store on Herald’s Square at 34th Ave. The first store (I believe it’s this one) opened in 1858, and the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade have been sponsored since 1924.  (Is this not a scene straight out of the recent Sherlock Holmes movies?).


The small Korea town with a dozen or more restaurants on 32nd Ave is called Sam Ship Iga.
As one could expect, lots of Korean people on the street in this area.  And no doubt one will find excellent Korean barbecue inside this restaurant on W 32nd Ave.
Another restaurant sign on 32nd St. Am I in Shanghai? In Korea? No, it is right here in New York City.
This is a few streets up from 32nd Ave, around 39th Ave. A young Chinese couple (I am assuming they are Chinese) is just leaving the Szechuan Gourmet restaurant.


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