the week-end

This is the back of my house, on a beautiful late-summer Saturday evening in Seattle. The happy faces in the picture have not had their burgers, apple pie and ice cream yet .. but they will soon. (We are all happy because I made it up into the picture without knocking the camera over, or falling onto my face as I ran around the table).   Nothing like having guests over to motivate one to clean your house and fill up your fridge with some beer and food, and so that’s what I did !

That’s me in the Kanto Lemon shirt (a lemon-flavored milk drink from Japan). Clockwise from me are Bill, Paul, Thomas, Bryan, Dave, Gary and Ken.
And here is the apple pie : every bit as tasty as its looks. We say ‘as American as apple pie’ even though apple pie as we know it today were already made in the 16th century in England !



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