Friday/ Shinjuku

I had to go check out the area around Shinjuku station .. lots of people, lots of places and a nice vibe.   It is warm even at night (of course).

The entrance of the Uni Qlo clothing store. It’s more or less ‘The Gap’ of Japan and has a sale on to celebrate its 10 year anniversary (so it’s much younger than the Gap, actually). I bought two polo shirts for US$10 each. I ran out of clean shirts!
One of several signs for Shinjuku station, this one for the Marunouchi Line from Tokyo Metro.
Asahi makes many, many more beverages than just beer. This one from a vending machine came in handy on Friday.
This is a video game and game machine and parlor.
These little fluff ball soft toys are inside a coin-operated machine and are all hoping to get grabbed by a crane hook that the operator manipulates to try to grab one. Remember a scene like this in one of Disney’s Toy Story pictures?
It’s fun to cross the street with 10,000 other people (or so it feels like!).
This is the giant TV screen at the Studio Alta (store) entrance at Shinjuku station. Lots of young people hang out here. It’s the de facto meet place for friends on a Friday night in the area, no question.
Here’s my dinner from the 24-hr Dennys across from the Marriott. No English on the menu, and really no burgers. Cheers! to my friends in Seattle, I thought as I drank the Kirin beer. I missed you. I will be there soon.


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