Monday/ junk mail madness

I open all my junk mail – and there was a lot piled up this time – to make sure there are no personal information printed inside by the overzealous marketers that get one’s address from .. where? Facebook? Google? Amazon? Some shared address list?  Most of the offers are completely off the mark.  So forgive my ranting that is about to follow.

How about a new Mickey Mouse credit card ‘for my family’ from JP Morgan Chase? – a bank with $2.3 trillion in assets that wants to lend me money at credit card rates.  Money it gets from the US Government almost at 0%.  Or should I fill out the 2012 Presidential Platform Survey from the Republican National Committee?  I am very sure they will flinch and quickly crumple up the form I send them.   Maybe I can attend the Seattle rally for 2012 independent Presidential Candidate Dick McCormick?  To tell him : it’s just not going to happen for you, man.  The Democrats and Republicans are collectively spending $1 billion dollars – that’s with a B – on campaigning in this most-moneyed-EVER election.  How much money do you have, to spend?  Finally, got to love the environmental non-profits (‘Environmental Defense Fund’) that send whole brochures, or almanacs for 2013 printed on glossy paper.  How many trees were used for that?

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