Friday/ to Hong Kong

Shenzhen at 91°C (33°C) on Friday at 5pm.
Our driver stopped for gas in Shenzhen, explaining that the ¥8.32/ liter (US$4.96/ gal) is a lot cheaper than the HKD18/ liter (that's US$8.37/ gal! yikes)across the border.
And here's the gas pump.
New construction to be seen as we were approaching the Shekou Shenzhen Port border crossing.
The main stadium of the 2011 Universiade in Longgang district has been around a year now, but still a highlight for me to check out as we drive by.
Here is the mainland side of the Shenzhen Bay Port crossing. The Hong Kong customs is behind this one.
.. and once the bridges to Lantau island come into view, you are almost there. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Shenzhen, border crossing wait time included.

It is time for a get-away from the slog at work. A colleague and I got the van to Hong Kong on Friday for our flights from the airport this weekend.  A little travel disaster struck me when I got out of the van at the hotel : inadvertently left my cell phone on the seat, with the driver disappearing from sight as I ran back out of the hotel.  We did have his phone number but as I was trying to figure out the dialing codes for mainland China to call him from my room, the front desk called.  Was I the person that left my phone in the van?  Yes, yes!  I said.  May we ‘inconvenience you, sir’ into coming down to the lobby to get it?  (You can inconvenience me all you want!).  And there he was, the driver with my phone.  Don’t worry so much! he said, as he handed me the phone.

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