Thursday/ more Houston architecture

I finally had some time before the sun set on Thursday to walk around downtown Houston and snap some pictures.  At the courthouse a guard chided me, said I am not allowed to take pictures (because it’s a federal building).  What a sad state of affairs, I thought – if citizens cannot even take pictures of their own city’s or country’s courthouses and buildings.   But then one of my colleagues pointed me to a 2010 New York Times article that says the guard was wrong.  As a general rule – a photographer can stand in a public place and take pictures of federal buildings.

Houston's starter light rail system runs from downtown to the the Fannin South station by Interstate 45.
This is the First United Methodist Church on Clay street in downtown Houston.
This is the elevated circular walkway at the base of the Chevron tower on 1400 Smith street.
The Allen Center is just a workhorse office block close by the Chevron tower but I like the glass-enclosed entrance with the escalators up to the entrance lobby.
This building was formerly the headquarters of Gulf Oil (whose gas stations have long since left the gulf coast but are still found in New England). It was built in 1929, and is a beautiful example of Art Deco architecture.
More art deco styling at 815 Walker Avenue in downtown.
More art deco from the JP Morgan Chase (formerly Gulf Oil) building.


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