Sunday/ shopping BIG

I don’t have a membership card for Seattle’s Costco store*, but I have friends that do, and I went with them to the store today.  The store is no-frills and looks like a warehouse inside.

*A warehouse ‘club’ retail store selling a wide variety of merchandise, but only in large, wholesale quantities.

We were intrigued by this Coleman solar power generator kit. Should I have bought it, now that we finally are getting some sunlight in Seattle?
And here is a 190 lumen lantern to scare the hyenas away from the campfire that's dying. I recall a long time ago that Coleman sold a '1,000 candlelight' flash light. That is about equal to 79 lumens.
Nothing is more American than apple pie! (well, maybe Coca-Cola. And I have a picture of that as well).
These boneless legs of lamb are from Australia. (There are actually Costco stores in Australia as well - in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne).
This bag with 3 pounds of peeled California-grown garlic should last a while!
The smallest offering of eggs : a box with 18 Extra Large ones.
And here's the Coca-Cola, in packs of 32 cans.


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