Saturday/ at Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong

My Google Latitude position on the way to Lantau island, bottom left. I have just crossed the mainland border by foot. It took a little time today since I was not the only 'Foreigner' in my line (meaning the 'Foreigner' lines that are usually wide open were open to mainlanders as well).
This is on the Shenzhen side of the Hong Kong-mainland border.

I am at Hong Kong International Airport, bags checked and all.  I am always a little stunned when I am done packing to see how much stuff can be squished into a suitcase.  (Many years ago when I used to pack the family car’s trunk for a road trip with everyone’s stuff and food, I had the same experience).   I am stopping over in Seoul, and then on to Seattle for an arrival in the middle of the day.






From Wikipedia : Bird's eye view of Chek Lap Kok Airport (local name for Hong Kong International airport). The old airport that was surrounded by high-rise buildings with one runway jutting into Victoria Harbor was Kai Tak Airport, and closed in July 1998.
Colorful mural made by local school kids, celebrating the new airport's 10th birthday in 2008.



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