Friday/ arrival in Seoul

My trip from Hong Kong airport went very well.  My plan to get from Incheon airport in Seoul to the Marriott Courtyard hotel at Seoul Times Square was not too bad, either.   I did have a little trouble spotting the hotel in the dark and wet weather at my arrival at the closest metro stop.  It was just a four block walk but the darn Marriott hotel sign was on the opposite side of the Times Square buildings (of course!).

This sign was posted at the entrance to the baggage claim. No meat allowed! NO! NO! (I love the angry cows and pigs!).
The Kookmin Bank. 'Kook min' means exactly 'Cooking a little' in Afrikaans. I guess that's MY bank! (Sigh. I would love to cook MORE, but I have to be home to do that).
.. and here's the Woori Bank. Is that a Korean or Australian (Aboriginal) name?
The highest currency Korean note - 50,000 won. And how much is that? About US$44.
The super luxe connection from the airport terminal to the Incheon train station : all gleaming steel and glass and curves.
Here's what you need to ride the Metro and buy yourself little snacks and knick knacks at the 7-11s and Family Marts : a T-money card.
The big blue line comes in from Incheon airport at the west of the city. I took the Airport Express (ArEx) to Seoul station and then the Metro Line 1 down to Yeongdeungpo station. (Even the Anglicised names are not easy to work with for a Westerner!)
Waiting at the Seoul metro station on Line 1 for the train to Yeongdeungpo station.
A cute whimsical display of Seoul station's outside. There is a little model train that runs around and around, too. I will try to get some real pictures this weekend.
This is a peek outside Seoul station before I made my way down to the Metro station. The huge display on the Seoul Square building is striking, because it is animated and the people keep 'walking' from right to left.

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