Saturday/ red or green Wanglaoji

Lotus seeds (picture from Wikipedia) are used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine and in Chinese desserts.
Mung beans (picture from Wikipedia) come from India.
'Wong Lo Kat 王老吉' (Cantonese) or 'Wanglaoji' Lotus seed and Mung Bean drink (green can) and on the right herbal tea drink (red can).





Saturday was cold and rainy, so I felt better about having to knuckle down and work .. and drink my beverages that I got from the grocery store across the street.  The sweetened Wanglaoji herbal tea (red can) rivals Coca- Cola in popularity in mainland China.  I think the green Wanglaoji version is a new flavor since I had not seen it before. It’s certainly new to me : you go whoa! what are those flavors in there? Well – it’s lotus seed and mungo bean, buster !  And of course I had to look both up on Wikipedia to see that they look like.

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