Friday/ who let the dragons out?

This stuffed dragon is from the Carrefour department store here in Shenzhen. I took the picture a few weeks ago.

We’re in the final testing phase of our SAP project, and some ‘dragons’ have emerged that have to be slayed. One can even find – as we are – that standard SAP transactions are not working as expected. It all depends on the volume and combination of data that had been converted and the system settings and resources that have been put into place. So it pays to be paranoid when testing software*.

Test it again even if it was tested before (in a previous phase of the project), even if it’s out-of-the-box functionality from a top-notch vendor and even if you ‘think’ it will work.  Of course, no project has infinite resources, so you have to apply what time and personnel you do have, as best you can !

*I am thinking of the Andy Groves quote ‘only the paranoid survive’. Grove was CEO of Intel from 1987 to 1998 and a pioneering figure in transforming the company into a giant.  He insisted that people (working together) be demanding on one another, and is said to have been an idol of the late Steve Jobs from Apple.

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