Saturday/ carry on those Fragiles!

Carry on your ‘Valuables and Fragiles’, says this instruction at Asisan Airlines’ check-in counter.  Yes, and I have a lot of those, all stuffed into my computer backpack.   And hey, I made it through airport security without pulling a Rand Paul* and without dropping my iPad. Careful, don’t drop it, I always tell myself.

It’s a12 hr flight to Seoul, and then another 4 to Hong Kong .. and it will be 11 pm Sunday night when I arrive at the other side of the world.

*Staunchly libertarian senator from Kentucky that had a run-in with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Nashville International airport on Monday.  Paul was directed to a cubicle after refusing a full-body pat down and says he was ‘barked at’ by TSA officials.  Says his father and presidential candidate Ron Paul : ‘The police state in this country is growing out of control’.

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