Tuesday/ unpacking all my souvenirs

Alright, here are most of the little souvenirs I collected along the way in the last trip.  It’s always fun to open one’s suitcase and go Yes! Now, where to put it? (Or maybe it is ‘Why the heck did I buy it?’)

I posted the 2012 Year of the Dragon bear previously; here are the three I now have posing for a group picture.

The three barista bears with their suits for : The Year of the Tiger (2010), The Rabbit(2011) and The Dragon(2012)

.. and this Tintin book was still missing for my collection so I got it from a Hong Kong book store (could have just ordered it on Amazon, I know).

Tintin : The Secret of the Unicorn

The paper craft items are from Narita airport in Tokyo. This cute cut-out-and-fold kit is called ‘Maternal Dilemma’.  Check out the worm – item 37!

Paper cut-out-and-fold kit called 'Maternal Dilemma'

And this mini paper model of Matsumoto Castle one boggles the mind.  From Wikipedia : Matsumoto Castle, also known as the ‘Crow Castle’ because of its black exterior, is one of Japan’s premier historic castles. It is located in the city of Matsumoto, in Nagano Prefecture and is within easy reach of Tokyo by road or rail.  Got to love the ‘For Your Friend Abroad For a Present’.  Yes, but will I still have a friend after this present drove him or her bananas?

Mini paper model of Matsumoto Castle ('Crow Castle') outside Tokyo
'For Your Friend Abroad For a Present'

One more card bought in Shenzhen .. I cannot have enough dragons, especially not if they are cut out like this.

Intricate cut-out on 2012 Year of the Dragon Card

This little guy with his dragon was not cheap (about US$50), but it’s real porcelain and hand-made and hand painted.

Miniature porcelain boy with baby dragon

Some Yubari melon Kit Kat for you? Kit Kat is Japan’s most popular candy bar. The name sounds similar to the Japanese phrase ‘Kitto Katsu’ or ‘Sure to win!’ Children bring them into exams for good luck.

Yubari Melon Kit-Kat

I have no idea what the characters on this New Year’s tassle says but I will try to find out. I just liked the colors.

Chinese New Year's tassle detail

Finally, this little book that is really intended for Japanese visitors to Germany but hey, it had English in as well, and I couldn’t resist it after taking a look inside. Check out the kleine Dampflokomitive at the bottom right of the second picture.  The literal translation is ‘little vapor locomotive’ which of course is really ‘little steam locomotive’.

German culture primer in three languages
German culture primer inside look

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