Sunday afternoon/ across the Pacific

My fellow trans-Pacific voyagers and I made it into Seattle late this morning.  We started out in Hong Kong and arrived at a wet Narita airport (Tokyo).

View from my seat at the Hong Kong airport gate on a Boeing 767
Tail-end of the Boeing 767 at Narita airport (sitting in the bus taking us to the terminal)
Red pimentos served by All Nippon Airlines as part of lunch

The Asian airlines all serve terrific meals – these red pimentos stuffed with cream cheese were delicious.

At Narita airport I checked out the offerings at the airport stores as usual – a Newsweek in Japanese for you? (Pages are from back to front).  Dried baby octopus?  No? Then surely the hand-rolled Hermès silk scarf with the animal playing-card motifs will do.  (Be prepared to pony up about US$385, though).

Newsweek in Japanese! The pages run back to front.
Dried baby octopus
Hand-rolled Hermès silk scarf with the animal playing-card motifs
Snow on the ground in Seattle (the view from my front door)

From Tokyo we were on a Boeing 777 to Seattle where it also rained, and there is still snow on the ground.  I jumped in and cleared the walkway to my front door, and some snow and ice off the sidewalk.  Cannot have the mail-man break a leg! (even though all he brings me is junk mail).




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