Saturday/ the Excellence Century Center

I caught a glimpse of these buildings in the Shenzhen central business district before and had time Saturday to go check them out up close.    They belong to the largest non-government developer of commercial properties in Shenzhen, the Excellence Group.   These buildings are called the Excellence Century Center.   The first picture was taken late afternoon .. those HAPPY NEW YEAR letters are enormous!, each two storeys tall.    The next two pictures are drawings, showing their location close to the Shenzhen Exhibition Center (flat building with the curved roof in the foreground).  The red blow-up arch, the kitty kat KFC billboard, and the street vendor selling pink and white mice-with-wheels-on-a-string were by the Exhibition Center.   Next stop was a department store Jusco close by where I found the plush dragons (2012 is the Year of the Dragon) and the anime-eyed little guy with the rosy cheeks in a red star uniform.   And then it was dark and I knew I had to go back to the Excellence Center buildings to catch them showing off in the dark.

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