Wednesday/ too close for comfort to North Korea?

I am in Seattle !   The first picture is a night time satellite photo of North and South Korea I got from Yahoo News a day or two ago, showing the striking difference in economic activity between the two Koreas.     We made our stop at Incheon airport, as always a bare 35 miles from the North Korean border (see my Google Latitude picture).    The South Korean newspapers are full of speculation about the consequences for the region in the wake of  ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jung-Il’s unexpected death.    The question is whether his son the 29 year old ‘Great Successor’ (these titles bestowed by the state media machinery) will have the support of his father’s peers.   It probably does NOT help that he was promoted some years ago to a 4 star general without a day’s military service!  Anyway.   After a quick check of the Samsung monitors (a rice-based dessert shown), we took off and our flight path took us over Tokyo and nine hours of flying over the Pacific.

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