Saturday/ chocolat blanc et langue de chat

We worked on Saturday but ended the day right with a lively and enjoyable barbecue at two of our colleagues’ apartment here in Dameisha ..  complete with beef steak and salmon brought over from the USA!   One of our Chinese colleagues brought these cookies made by Japanese company Shiroi Koibito for dessert.

Even I could figure out the chocolat blanc (white chocolate) but did not know that langue de chat is a classic French cookie (translation : the tongue of the cat .. which explains the cat depiction on the golden open-and-close sticker!).    (Yes of course the cookies melt in one’s mouth).    The cookie factory is on Hokkaido island (see the map -the big northern-most island in Japan).  That is also where Mount Rishiri (picture on the box) is located.

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    1. I’m sorry, I cannot help you with that. (I’m not familiar with gourmet food stores/ Japanese food stores in Auckland).
      If you really want it, and are willing to pay for shipping from Japan, it is available on Amazon Japan (
      Amazon Japan is available in English, but you’d have to create an Amazon Japan account, and see if they ship this item to New Zealand.

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