Thursday/ it’s December

It’s December! .. yikes.   I am not ‘home free’ for kicking 2011 out the door yet, though : got to make one more trip this year to China for work.  So I got my hair cut today so that I don’t have to track down a Chinese hairdresser (and explain what needs to be done with my hair!).    The Right Lane MUST turn Right sign is on Olive Way by Denny.  Seattleites especially the ones here on Capitol Hill cannot leave well enough alone, and leave street signs unadorned with stickers.    And poor Santa is smoking pot on a poster from the Kottonmouth Kings – an American rap rock group from Orange County, California.   They describe themselves as “psychedelic hip-hop punk rock”.    And a little later I stopped in at Smith here on 15th Ave for a beer and a bite with a friend right as the sun was setting (at 4.19pm).   The days are short here!  Go out and do something before it’s dark!

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