Saturday/ this weekend’s Hong Kong report

Yes, yes, I am in the Marriott Courtyard hotel as I have done many weekends before.   Too much money and stress to travel elsewhere for the weekend after a long, hard slog at work.  The dragon pillow is from Ikea (I now regret that I didn’t buy it), and the Lego characters and stainless steel tube chess set from Sogo department store in Causeway Bay.   Times Square is close by and always has an artsy outdoor display going at the mall entrance.  This time they had white trees  that reminded me of African boababs, with doll houses and giant lollipops below.   I think the gigantic high-res LED sign at the Emperor Watch and Jewelry store right there, is new.   As for the billboard of the wild-haired – nerds? -throwing the TVs and PCs around : my sentiments exactly!  ( at least sometimes).

The night-time pictures are all from around Central Station on Hong Kong island.    The ‘usual suspects’ Bank of China, Hang Seng Bank Corporation and Standard Chartered Bank are showing themselves off in gaudy night colors.   (Yes, there is a Occupy Hong Kong movement.   But unlike in Europe or the USA, unemployment has been falling in Hong Kong, a minimum wage was introduced in May and there seems to be little fall-out left of the 2008 banking crisis).  Can the billboard’s school kids with their red bow-ties be any cuter?  The building with the LED paneled strips going up is the AIA Insurance building.   And the building with the Season’s Greetings lights is yet another bank building.

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