Saturday/ Hong Kong

I hitched a ride into Hong Kong with a colleague that was taken to the airport.  The drivers that take us there have vehicles with plates for mainland China as well as for Hong Kong.  So we could stay put and not have to deal with the throngs of daytrippers.   Even so there was such a long wait for vehicles at the first crossing that the driver gave up and went to the Shekou crossing all the way over on the west side of Shenzhen.   We caught a glimpse of the 2011 Universiade Student Olympics stadium.  The Google map doesn’t show it but there is a suspension bridge to Lantau Island where the airport is, that gets one across the water.   From the airport I took the train to the city.   The promenade at the Hong Kong Art Museum is one of my favorite places in the city.     The guy in the boat is about to scoop up some floating debris in Victoria harbor.  Nearby at the Harbor City mall a crowd were snapping pictures of Pixar and Disney characters on a Happy Holiday display.   And up the street at the 1881 Heritage Plaza some recent graduates used the display of horses and carriages as a backdrop.  Check out the smart duck, the rose and the chipmink they are posing with.  I guess those are gifts they got from family or friends for graduating.  

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