Friday/ putting my feet up with a 7 Up(喜)

Come end of day Friday we had completed a 7 day workweek that started the previous Saturday.  Oof.   So Friday night I just put my feet up (on the hotel bed) with some 7 Up I got across the street.   The xǐ 喜 on the can means like| love| enjoy| joyful thing.  I guess that’s the same as ‘up’, as in getting one’s spirits up.   7 Up was created by a Charles Grigg, who launched his St. Louis-based company The Howdy Corporation in 1920.  The original Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda was launched just two weeks before the Wall Street Crash of 1929!   The very cool artwork is from the 7 Up website.  The submarine is my favorite!  

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