Thursday/ the U.S.-South Korea FTA

FTA stands for Free Trade Agreement, of course.  Finally went into law on the US side (still to be ratified by Korea).  And what is ‘free’? Well, there are no import tariffs on a number of designated categories of goods.  So President Obama says he’d soon like to see South Koreans driving Chevys, Fords and Buicks.  Well, I’m sure the Koreans would like to see Americans drive more Hyundais, and they will possibly eat more American beef in return (screen shot from NHK TV Wed night).

Speaking of beef, yukhoe refers to a variety of raw dishes in Korean cuisine, usually made from raw ground beef seasoned with various spices or sauce.   But in April and May this year, four people died and some 35 hospitalized after eating yukke (what it’s called in Japan) in the Tokyo area.     Yukke is now served there under new standards (recent newspaper article from Tokyo newspaper).   But they can still count me out.  Cook or grill my beef, please!

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