Sunday/ arrived in Tokyo

Here is the Boeing 767-300 of All Nippon Airlines that brought us to Tokyo, at a wet Hong Kong airport.   (An ANA plane was involved in a hair-raising incident on Sept 6.  Flight 140 with 117 passengers en route to Haneda -Tokyo’s other airport- briefly flew virtually upside down after a co-pilot mistakenly operated a key steering mechanism.  Whoah!  Amazingly, just two flight attendants were slightly injured, and six passengers reported that they felt ‘unwell’ after landing).    Today I sat in coach but that didn’t stop me from enjoying a Kirin beer.   Wish I knew what the little sticker on it said ! of course I don’t !   So that was 4 hours in the air.   Then I took the Narita Express train to Tokyo (it’s been a long day, does it show in my face?).   It helped a lot that I have the Tokyo subway figured out and that I came to the same Marriott I stayed in, in May.

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