Tuesday/ cooler temperatures here

It is finally cooling down somewhat from the August highs here in South East Asia, and in Japan.   The TV screen shot is from the Japanese channel NHK World.  It says ‘Forecast Lowest Temperature’ 予想最低気温 at the top* and the 22 ºC (72 ºF) is for Tokyo.   It still goes up to 30 ºC (86 ºF) some days there, but the Japanese government’s campaign to urge businesses to consume less electricity this summer was a resounding success.    Average electricity use in peak hours on weekdays in Tepco’s service area fell 20.4 percent in July and 21.9 percent in August from 2010, exceeding the targeted 15 percent cut.    Check out the manga character with the sad eyes.   And I like the pointer with the black blob that the meteorologist is using.   Somewhat different from the way our TV stations present the weather, no?

*the successful outcome of a guessing game I played in Google Translate,  plugging English phrases into its English-Japanese translator

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