Tuesday/ storms in the news

The first two pictures are mine.  (I found the other two online).   They are of the entrance to the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park a few blocks from my house.   Those are Bactrian camels (two humps) found in Mongolia and China, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey.     We have had blue sky and tranquility out here the last few days .. unlike the massive dust storm that enveloped Phoenix AZ early Tuesday night, or the Orlando FL media storm after the acquittal of Casey Anthony, a mom accused of murdering her 2 yr old daughter in 2008.   (A guilty verdict was widely anticipated in the media and on cable news programs that made reporting of the case their main focus).    The acquittal is also compared to that of the OJ Simpson case from 1995.    That one was in the news not too long after I started working in the USA, and I remember that we all ran down to the cafeteria to see the OJ Simpson case’s verdict.

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