Monday/ my 1996 Toyota Camry

My 1996 Toyota Camry finally needed an oil change and I took it to the Toyota dealership on Monday.   It has 109,500 miles on the clock.   The first picture below is from 1999, somewhere in Denver.  The next one is from 2003, a little trip I made down to Oregon.    But back to the oil change :  I authorized several little repairs as well – replace brake pads, brake fluid, accessory drive belt.    All in, the bill was well over $500.     That’s the price one pays for convenience and independence from public transport, right?   I really should replace the car at some point, but  1.  where I live, I am surrounded by public transport options,  2. I travel a lot for work, and 3.  the choice of what model and type of car to pick has gotten even more difficult with the new electric car technologies coming into play.  So I guess I will wait a little longer and see what happens.

The Seattle Street Car runs by the Toyota dealership between Seattle downtown and the South Lake Union area and of course I had to take a picture of it.

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