Tuesday/ went to King County International Airport

I ran down to King County International Airport* today for an interview for my Global Entry access.   The Global Entry program provides expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival at twenty-some designated airports in the USA.   (For frequent USA-Canada travelers there is a separate program called Nexus). There is no minimum number of trips needed to apply for the program but it does cost $100 and is good for 5 years before one has to renew.   But now I can swipe my passport at a kiosk, put my grubby four right hand fingers on the fingerprint reader and then I should be good to go.   I think the kiosk snaps a face picture as well.

*It is actually the official name of what we in Seattle know as Boeing Field, a two run-way airport to the immediate south of the city used mostly for general aviation and for cargo.   I love the front entrance.   I believe it dates from 1928 when the airport opened.    The picture of Tsu Wong is from the waiting room.  He was a 1916 graduate from MIT and was Boeing’s first engineer !

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