Sunday/ blue sky and warm weather in Hong Kong

Sunday was a bright sunny day in Hong Kong .. a little too warm to be outside so I escaped into the shopping malls to get out of the heat.    The first tram picture is close to the Marriott Courtyard Hotel.     The Taiwan tram makes one want to go visit but hey! – they will have to get themselves out of the news with the current food additive scandal.     Taiwan authorities found on May 23 that a chemical company in New Taipei City had sought to cut production costs by adding DEHP, a common plasticizer identified as a toxic and cancer-causing chemical, as a substitute for the more expensive palm oil to produce clouding agents used in food.   The scandal involves 206 food producers in Taiwan, including almost all the major names, and hundreds of food products.  

The fertility goddess (I think – I should have looked at the plaque and I didn’t!) is in the plaza at Heritage 1881 on Canton Rd in Kowloon.   Then I took the Star Ferry back to Hong Kong island.   The tall building on the right with the claws (scraping at the sky?) is the International Finance Center.    The citizens wearing oxygen tank and breathing apparatus is from a billboard at the ferry terminal promoting clean air in the city.     And there is an onslaught of advertising in the subway, on billboards and on buses :  another Transformer movie is coming.   

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