Tuesday/ picture book of Japan

Here is the little picture book I bought at Shosen Book Tower in Tokyo.   Click once on each picture to make it bigger, and check out the translations. I love the layout and the crisp style of the pictures.  Rabbit is ugasi and horse is uma.  The  picture of the 7-11 type food mart looks exactly like the ones I were in. And on the layout where American fast food meets Japanese language,  I see that McDonalds is called Makudonarudo and Kentucky Fried Chicken is called Kentuckii Furaido Chikin !  I would hate to see too many McDonalds and too many KFCs popping up in Japan, though.  Finally – I bet you do not know any of the Japanese groups or pop stars!  I did not!

Note – The book is available on Amazon Japan.  Do an advanced search on Japanese Books and use ISBN-13 number 978-4533074684.  (No, I am not getting money for promoting the book !)    

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