Monday/ the rainy season starts

This picture toward Hong Kong airport, is from the Marriott Skycity hotel where I caught a few hours sleep on Sunday night before the pick-up van arrived at 7.15am to take me to mainland China.    It was a wet weekend there, I am told, so the rainy season has started in earnest.     Here in the Hong Kong-Shenzhen area in southeast China we are in the wettest part of the country.    Huoshaoliao in Taiwan is the rainiest place around, receiving 6700 mm (264 inches!) of rain a year.   That’s a lot of water falling from the sky.   Which is the wettest place on dry earth, though?   According to the Guinness Book of World Records the Indian village Mawsynram received just about 1,000 inches  in 1985 and averages 467 inches per year.

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