Saturday/ come to Tokyo!

(Very late Sunday night in Hong Kong as I write).   Just a few pictures from Saturday – I will post more tomorrow.     First picture is a sign from a restaurant in Ginza.   I assume it talks about help needed for the earthquake victims.      The subway is super efficient and super easy to use and I love the station names.   The trains were generally not very crowded, possibly because it was in the middle of a weekend day.     This is inside a giant electronics + toy store in the Akihabara district with 7 floors that sells electronics, computers, anime, model trains, planes, automobiles and toys of every stripe.    I was overwhelmed – even though all the kids with their parents seemed to handle the visual onslaught of all the merchandise on display better than I did.

The traditional gate is near the Asakusa station and in a very nice area with small streets and malls of stores and eateries.   There were several people collecting money for the earthquake victims.

Then early evening Saturday I met friends of my Seattle friends at Shinjuku station – it is the busiest train station in the world.    Outside there was a buzz outside with many of Tokyo’s young people just hanging out and socializing.    The two night time picture is from there as well.     The little tickle-me- Elmos(?) are inside a coin-operated machine, hoping to be picked up with a dangling hook by a lucky Saturday night player.

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