Tuesday/ blue sky

Monday night and Tuesday’s pictures.

Blue sky at the corner of Fifth and Pike with the monorail train just arriving (the monorail train runs from the Space Needle to downtown, was built for the World Fair in Seattle in 1962 and is just a tourist attraction at this point!).     Gas is now at/ over $4.00/ gal at most places here, these prices from the gas station nearest to my house*.    Seattlegasprices.com reports that the best anyone can do in the city is $3.87/ gal, which would save me $1.96 on a full tank of gas (but cost me gas and time to get there!).   Check out the fancy new parking permit stickers the city is issuing .. yes, residents of Capitol Hill need permits (they’re free) to park in their own neighborhood, since we have too many cars here.

*The US senate just voted ‘NO’ on a proposal that the $2 billion annual tax subsidy to the oil companies be rescinded.  But we all know that this is a drop in the bucket anyway, and that cheap gas will not come back.  So drive less! or get an electric car!, is what I think.   The chart (click to enlarge) shows the average American consumer spends a whopping $725 per month on transportation.

And the meal is lamb and eggplant curry stew over couscous from the Elysian Pub from Tuesday night.  It was delicious.

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