Thursday/ countdown to Universade 2011

 I took these pictures Thursday in Dameisha.   Shenzhen is the city that hosts the 2011 Universiade (the ‘Start Here’* picture is presumably an office that sells tickets to events -or registers participants?).   The Universiade is an international multi-sport event, organized for university athletes by the International University Sports Federation (FISU).      It has 10 compulsory sports, namely track and field, water sports (swimming, diving and water polo), basketball, soccer, fencing, gymnastics, judo, table tennis, tennis and volleyball.

*the ‘Start Here’ reminded me of the Windows 95 launch .. and sure enough, the ‘ Start’  on the picture with Bill Gates uses the same font !

I discovered later the ICIF on the green ball stands for the International Cultural Industries Fair of 2011 which is the 7th annual cultural trade fair in China.     So there is that going on somewhere in the area as well.  

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