Sunday/ happy Mother’s Day 母亲节 !

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!  We love you! [big hug-g].

The TV screen is from my hotel room in Dameisha after I had arrived.      So .. to make my way back to Dameisha today, I took a taxi from the hotel on Hong Kong Island to the Hung Hom terminal station of the East Rail line (light blue line on the map).   That train runs up all the way to the Lo Wu border crossing (about 40 mins).   Then you walk through the Hong Kong and mainland China crossings, and catch a taxi again for Dameisha.    I worried that I might be stopped at the border if I had a fever (I have a runny nose and a sore throat), but I made it through.   ‘Stay away from wild animals’ said a sign coming in to the mainland.   Yes- nevermind the animals, I’m staying away from humans so as not to make them sick!

Getting on the train at Hung Hom station.  As the railway line approaches the mainland border, it splits into two, one route going to Lo Wu and the other to Lok Ma Chau.
Tai Po Market station. The Hong Kong Railway Museum is located a10-min walk away from the station.
The arum lily art is at Fan Ling station (we call them pig’s ears in Afrikaans in South Africa).
Approaching Lo Wu station.
Luo Wu station on the Shenzhen side, after I had entered mainland China through customs.  The taxi stand is downstairs by escalator.  

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