Tuesday/ out with the Dove man-soap

Dove’s ‘White’ soap – a non-fragranced, no-nonsense, mild soap – is my favorite, but the store was out of it yesterday and I thought I’d try their new soap for men (with patented technology .. I love technology).   Well, the verdict is in and it is : out with the man-soap.  I don’t like the fragrance, and the corners and edges on the soap is a classic case of ‘form over function’ in design.   Sorry Unilever, I’m sure you spent a lot of money on it.

Just for fun I checked out some the product reviews on line.   This one from a reviewer from Chicago and made me smile.

Hello Manhood ***** (5 out of 5 stars) Yes!  – I feel cleaner and manlier using this soap.  My wife wants to have 5 more kids as a result.   She cannot stop grabbing me and giving me a nice long sniff.   Get it, enjoy it and subscribe to it  …much cheaper and you will preserve your manhood.  Go on, be a man.

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