Thursday morning/ at SFO airport

I found this picture in the check-in hall in Hong Kong airport.   The dashing aviator is billed as Hong Kong’s first : a Belgian named Charles van den Born.   The picture was taken in 1910 and he was 35 years old at the time.

Then there’s the nose of the Cathay Pacific plane as we boarded*, and I found a nice picture of the flight path on-line (11h 42 mins and 6,951 miles).

*We were scheduled to fly on a Boeing 747-400, but now looking at the picture I’m not so sure it was one.

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  1. Yes, Willem, that is a 747, but I don’t think your flight path would be a straight line on such a map. It should arc substantially to the north (for a great circle arc on a sphere).

    Dale C

  2. hi Dale, thanks for confirming that it’s a 747! Yes, you’re right, the straight line is not the accurate flight path. I remember on a previous flight in we skirted by the Kamchatka peninsula!

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