Sunday/ Canton Tower

Here are the Canton Tower pictures !

From top to bottom : View from outside/ inside the elevator; the Tower tops out at 107 floors/ in a city of 12 million you build apartment buildings by the dozens/ last night’s bridge looks tiny/ the view toward the Asian Games Stadium built on an island in the Pearl River with the plaza behind it; the very tall building is International Finance Center Guangzhou/ doing the don’t-look-down picture in the glass floor booth/ the Spider Staircase connects 10 floors at a time by stairs/ view upwards from the ground floor lobby/ double-click the picture to see how the Canton Tower compares with the other towers in the world/ artwork at the base of the IFC Guangzhou/ PwC building close by in the financial district/ sidewalk art for the Games/ new film bill-board (I forgot the name of the film)/ new apartment buildings/ more skyscrapers in the city center on the way back to Guangzhou train station


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