Sunday/ a soggy Shenzhen

On our one day off from work it rained in Shenzhen today.  Ah well, better luck next weekend, right?  Two colleagues and I went to the Shenzhen Electronics Market, a really big ten-story building in the city center.   The first picture is just of the street nearby, the second from inside the building.  There are thousands of sellers in the building, most with one booth and one display case to sell anything  electronic.   The giraffe on the escalator says mind your head (especially if you are a giraffe?).   How about a panda web cam, or a Hello Kitty one?

Next we went to have some lunch as always at McCauly’s Irish Pub, and then to the shopping mall for a few  grocery items.  The mall is called Mix-C for some reason.    Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and people were lining up for pictures with the romantic hearts backdrop.      I am sure I do not have to explain why the 2011 on the sign has bunny ears and carrot 1’s !

And finally – one of the newest tall apartment buildings on the way back to Dameisha .. this one is called the Spring and Sea.

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