Thursday/ ‘I have no illusions’

I have no illusions.  I lost them on my travels. – John Malkovich’s character the Vicomte de Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons (1988).

Well.   I think those of us that work on a very big system implementation- or worked on Microsoft Vista – or ever built a house- or have ever done something really hard!- could have said at some point  I have no illusions.  I lost them on my projects.

This picture is of the classic system implementation phases for an SAP project.   We are at the end of what we call the Realization Phase and entering the Final Preparation phase.   So we have to take stock of what we have done, and what remains to be done.   No room for illusions of building more, or taking on extra work discovered too late.  Fix the defects we found in testing.   Meet the deadline.   

Speaking of illusions – here is a building I found in Hong Kong last month (I don’t know the name).    Is the middle section bulging out or bending in?

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