Sunday/ Windows of the World in Shenzhen

Sunday was pleasant enough to spend outside, and since I had to get away from work for a while – and Dameisha –  I took a taxi to Shenzhen’s Luo Hu station and on a whim the metro from there to the west side of the city to ‘Windows of the World’.   Nothing to do with Microsoft! – it is a very big theme park providing outdoor displays big and small of world landmarks, mostly scale models of man-made constructions, but also of natural landmarks.    The first picture is of the entrance (the monorail train car seems as old as the ones we have at the Seattle Space Needle!).  Scroll down and see how many of the other landmarks you recognize.  The answers are at the bottom of the post.



From the top down :

Eiffel Tower (of course), scene from Japan with koi feeding and Mt Fuji, Stonehenge, Lion Gate at Mycenae (full scale), Quell Park – the grounds of a house and estate in Barcelona that Gaudi designed and built for the Quell family*, African mask, 20 yuan (US$3) for a ride on the camel with the pyramids as a backdrop!, native American totem poles, the little pee boy from Belgium, the ‘official name’ is a little rude! (know what it is?), the Shwe Dagoon Pagoda from Burma, Chinese gate,  the Segovia Alcazar a fortress and magnificent castle from Segovia, Spain, and and Assyrian king Esarhaddon.

*my absolute favorite of the landmarks, trumping even the Eiffel Tower and the gorgeous Chinese gate.

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